Escort Interpreting Services

Escort interpreting. Escort interpreting is a form of spoken language support for tours, visits or travel where individuals require ongoing spoken language support.

Escort Interpreting

At Escort Interpretation, there’s an interpreter (called travel interpreter or escorting interpreter)  intended to translate everything that a client says into the target language and also to interpret everything else that is said from that foreign language into the client’s mother tongue. This means the Escort Interpreter is there to make sure that both sides are understanding each other correctly, acting similar to an assistant 

Escort interpreters perform using consecutive interpreting: This means they listen to what the speaker is saying and after the thought is finished and the speaker has stopped talking the interpreter begins to translate the idea into the client’s language.

They have to be quick and able to swap between languages whenever required.

Its is common to hire Escort Interpreters in more informal environments such as tours and visits. Also are very useful for international visits and business travels. 

For this type of interpretation the interpreter stays with the client at all times in order to help them communicate in different situations and no special equipment is required.