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Transmeeting Corporation carefully screens each interpreter, providing only the most qualified and experienced interpreters, who possess accreditations or certifications from the most prestigious language professional associations.

Interpretation requires more than just being able to speak two languages. Interpreters need extensive training and have to continuously work to maintain their skills. Our interpreters continually work to improve their skills. They are constantly improving their knowledge of the terminology of the various subject matters in which they specialize.

Our interpreters specialize in: Banking, Engineering, Finance, Hospitality, Human Resource, Insurance, Instructional Technology, Law, Marketing, Medicine, Military, Pharmaceutical, Sales, Security, Training and Education. Our interpreters are proficient in consecutive and simultaneous interpretation, including conference interpreting. They are available in most languages such as Spanish, English, Portuguese, German, French, Italian, Japanese, among others. We offer interpreting services in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Florida, as well as nationwide and around the world.




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