Company Information

Our Commitment to Confidence

Our success is built on attention to customers` needs, detailed planning and top-notch execution. We offer reliable, creative solutions with outstanding customer service and the best technology available. We aim to become partners with our clients, and strive to become a true extension of your company.
At Transmeeting, our clients are always treated with the utmost care, respect, and appreciation.

Most of our competitors measure growth by their profit margin. However, at Transmeeting Corporation, we measure growth by the quality of our service and our dedication. Many conferences appear to be the same or even identical, but like snowflakes, no two conferences are exactly alike. At Transmeeting, we strive to make each and every conference a success.

How do we do it

We are always innovating, designing and improving systems in order to be the very best in the field of language services. Transmeeting Corporation has the latest technology, resources, and most importantly, the drive and dedication to deliver a flawless simultaneous interpretation experience for each and every conference. We work with trained technicians that can handle all the technical aspects of setting up, monitoring, troubleshooting, and dismantling of equipment. These trained technicians make sure the equipment is delivered on time and is working properly.

We listen to your needs. Transmeeting Corporation has a unique approach that we apply to all resources in each project. Our conference team meets daily to study each event. We explore all possible ideas and ways to improve, and we evaluate every budget to ensure the best possible value in the delivery of service for your events. We strive to exceed our clients` expectations.


Why Hire Us

At Transmeeting Corporation we are convinced that identifying the needs of our customers is the key to success. We are proactive and our work is organized, well- planned and thorough from beginning to end. We own state-of-the art, well-kept and maintained equipment that contributes to making our work fun and enjoyable. We encourage you to understand our industry, how it works, why you need our services, and how to benefit from them. We hire only talented individuals for whom the work is never just a “job.” The end result is great people, uniquely energized and motivated to help clients achieve their objectives.

Transmeeting Corporation staff cares for you and your company!

Our Expertise

We have over 25 years of experience in the field.

We own the equipment.

We have our own skilled and trained technicians.

We provide experienced interpreters in multiple languages and areas of specialization.

We manage all aspects of the interpretation process.

Our equipment complies with ISO Standards.

Our sales people personally manage your meeting.

We offer highly competitive rates.



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