Equipment Sales

We carry a full range of simultaneous conference interpretation and assistive listening equipment for houses of worship, corporations, associations, NGOs, government, convention centers, hotels and meeting facilities, courthouses, translation and interpretation companies as well as school and universities. We ship worldwide. Our sales experts will guide you to the correct simultaneous interpretation and assistive listening equipment and package with an understanding of your budgetary needs, making you feel at ease and comfortable.
Below is a list of some of the equipment that we carry:
  • FM Wireless Receivers and Transmitters
  • Infra-red Wireless Receivers and Transmitters
  • Interpreter Consoles
  • Interpreter Booths
  • Tour Guide Equipment
  • Conference Systems
  • Assistive Listening Systems
  • Push-to-talk microphones and conference equipment

Please send us an email at for further assistance with other equipment and to get a customized quote.