Push To Talk Conference Microphones

The success of a meeting is dependent on excellent sound. Our conference microphone system is a cost-effective solution to both your microphone and sound needs. Our push-to-talk microphone system combines unique design with top performance and extended functionality. One of the best advantages is the ability to connect a large amount of microphones in a very simple way minimizing cabling, noise and feedback as well as set-up time.
Our push-to-talk microphone systems can be used in meetings of all sizes, including boardroom discussions, large general sessions, discussions at small breakout rooms, among others, and they are indispensable in any conference requiring simultaneous interpretation.

We can rent our push-to-talk microphones per day, week or with a complete simultaneous interpretation package, with or without professional trained technicians. Our prices are highly competitive and we offer unparallel customer service and support. Our conference microphones can be shipped within the US and overseas.

FM Wireless Receivers and Transmitters

Push a button to speak

Greater visibility and flexibility

Red light to disclose which microphone is operating

Daisy chain system for easy installation

Top-quality acoustical performance